House Builders And Property Developers

If you are building two or more properties off the gas network you should think about installing ground source heat pumps.

Our solution gives you a ground source heat pump at no extra cost compared to an air source heat pump.

Your buyer gets a better property at no extra cost to you!

Here are some factors to consider:

  • Ground source heat pumps are not unsightly; they can be placed wherever you like
  • Ground source heat pumps make less noise than a boiler or an air source heat pump
  • It is cheaper to heat a house with a ground source heat pump
  • It is more energy efficient than an air source heat pump, for every 1kWh inputted you get 3.5kWh of useful heat out

We can do this by using a communal borehole set up for your houses and offsetting our upfront investment costs by receiving the government backed non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive income.