Cavity Wall Insulation

Save money and energy with cavity wall insulation!

Did you know that up to 35% of heat loss in homes escapes through poorly insulated walls?


ECO Matters can fund and install cavity wall insulation to reduce this heat loss drastically, resulting in a warmer home and lower bills.

Installation for an average home normally takes just 2-3 hours and is done from outside the property, meaning minimal disturbance to the homeowner. Small holes are drilled into the external walls of the property in order to reach the cavity, and then insulating material is blown or injected in. This reduces the amount of heat lost through the walls. The holes are then refilled to match the original finish. The materials and workmanship are covered by a 25-year CIGA guarantee.

Many homes qualify for free cavity wall insulation through Government grant schemes, including hard-to-treat properties under the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO). The homeowner or tenant does not have to receive benefits to qualify.

How to identify properties with cavity walls


Cavity walls are made up of 2 layers of bricks with an air gap between them. The brick pattern is shown in the image above. Cavity walls are generally at least 250mm thick – narrower walls are likely to be solid walls (link to SWI page). Properties built from 1930 onwards are likely to have cavity walls.

Who qualifies for free cavity wall insulation?

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