Solid Wall Insulation

Save money and energy with internal or external wall insulation!

Did you know that up to 35% of heat loss in homes escapes through poorly insulated walls?


ECO Matters can fund and install solid wall insulation to reduce this heat loss drastically, resulting in a warmer home and lower bills.

Internal wall insulation can be done in 2 ways – either by fixing rigid insulation boards to the walls, or using a stud wall that is then filled with mineral wool.

Example of products used – link to K18-Kingspan Brochure

External wall insulation involves fixing insulation material to the outside of the property before applying a special weather-proof render finish. This can give homes a fresh new look, with a variety of finish options, as well as improving energy efficiency and reducing bills.

The materials and workmanship for both types of solid wall insulation are covered by a 25-year SWIGA guarantee.

Example of products used – link to JUB Brochure

How to identify properties with solid walls


Solid walls normally have an alternating brick pattern, as shown above, with some bricks laid length-ways and some showing the shorter end piece. Solid walls are normally less than 250mm thick. Properties built before 1930 are likely to have solid walls. Properties built after 1930 are likely to have cavity walls 

Who qualifies for free solid wall insulation?

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Examples of External Wall Insulation works we have carried out can be seen below

External Wall Insulation Examples