Loft Insulation – I already have some insulation, why do I need ‘topping up’?

As part of the governments’ commitment to reducing our overall carbon footprint and reducing people’s energy bills, current building regulations stipulate that loft insulation should be installed with a minimum depth of 270mm. This means that any newly built homes must have at least this level of insulation by law.

If your loft was insulated some time ago, the likelihood is that it is not up to scratch and won’t be as effective as it could be if it were replaced or topped up.

The materials used in previous years are now considered substandard and the it’s unlikely that the depth will be sufficient as, only a few years ago, the recommended depth was just 100mm. If your insulation dates back to the 1970s, the depth is likely to be as low as 25mm.

If you think your loft could do with an insulation top up, please do give us a call.

We can arrange for a free, quick, mess-free survey to be carried out by one of our friendly team. They will assess the current material in use, the depth and the level of ventilation in your loft. Once we have that information, we can advise whether or not you may be eligible for a free insulation top up.