How We Work

Eco Matters works with carefully selected installation partners to deliver heating solutions to 2 or more properties using the non-domestic RHI scheme.

Who might benefit?


  • House Builders
  • Developers
  • Communities (2 neighbours upwards) that are off the gas grid and want to upgrade their heating to a renewable system
  • Blocks of flats wanting to upgrade to a renewable heating system


Eco Matters Role

Working with installation partner we will handle the installation and application to the non-domestic RHI scheme.

We will also provide access to specialist additional funding streams such as ECO

We will also fund some or all of the cost of the installation in return for the right to collect the renewable heat incentive. There may either be an initial cost or an ongoing cost to customers under this option – a full cost structure can be established after an initial feasibility study.

The aim of an upgrade to a renewable heating system is to provide a 21st century heating solution that offers you savings over oil, lpg or electric heating and reduces carbon emissions at the same time.

Ground-source heat pumps

Save money and reduce carbon emissions with a heat pump!

Ground source heat pumps are types of renewable heating system. They are particularly useful for homes off the gas grid.

Heat pumps harvest freely available energy. Ground-source heat pumps draw heat from the ground. They require electricity to run, but are very efficient, needing only one unit of electricity per three (or more) units of heat produced. They act like reverse refrigerators to provide heating and hot water. Ground-source heat pumps are generally very efficient. The installation of a ground-source heat pumps normally takes 2-3 days.




Our consultants can give you advise over the phone, arranging the next step