ECO Matters are delighted to be working in partnership with Openreach to provide Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) for blocks of flats and apartments.  Fibre to the Premises delivers broadband direct from the exchange to each property- providing Ultrafast Broadband services for residents of up to 1GB.

Fibre to the Premises is an opportunity for managing agents and freeholders to provide a full fibre connection, for free, to leaseholders.

Ultrafast Broadband for leasehold properties

We understand that leasehold property is different and can come with its own challenges and complications.   Our understanding of the industry means that we will work with you throughout the process to ensure smooth delivery of services to residents on behalf of the Freeholder or RMC.

Openreach aim to achieve full fibre direct to four million homes by the end of March 2021, with plans for 10 million homes to be reached by the mid-2020’s.  For your leaseholders, FTTP is up to 20 times faster than traditional broadband meaning that a two-hour HD movie can be downloaded in just 25 seconds.

In a poll by comparison site broadbandgenie, 78% of people said slow broadband would put them off renting or buying a property.  Not only that, studies have shown that having an ultrafast connection increases the overall value of a property.

This is an opportunity for managing agents to have a full fibre connection installed in the buildings you manage as part of the ‘Fibre First’ programme.  There are no costs to upgrade your building(s) to the full fibre network.

ECO Matters are working directly with managing agents, RMC’s and RTM’s to identify areas that FTTP is available and facilitate the process.

What are the benefits of Fibre to the Premises?

Future proof your blocks
Value-added service from the freeholder and/or managing agent
Broadband speeds up to 20 times faster, more resilient and reliable

How it works

We will work with you to identify blocks in your portfolio where FTTP is currently available or planned in the coming months. Once identified, the lease will need to be checked and then a wayleave agreement created giving permission to Openreach to install, maintain and upgrade equipment whilst on private land.

A detailed internal survey will then need to be conducted, enabling plans to be created for how the new fibre cables will be installed.  Once approved, the wayleave then grants access to install and maintain the new FTTP within the block of flats or apartments.

Throughout this process, access will not be required to leaseholder properties.  The fibre optic cable will be installed within existing ducts, connected to a distribution box and from here installed to each property via communal areas or externally.

Residents and leaseholders do not need to sign up for broadband services – instead the infrastructure is being put in place for when they are ready and they can then sign up with any service provider of their choosing.

What will Fibre to the Premises mean for your leaseholders?

  • Video on Demand

    Stream HD, 4K, or 3D movies to you TV, watch catch-up services like BBC iPlayer and access YouTube video channels, online photo albums, live events and personalised radio stations

  • Video Calling

    Full fibre opens up the world of HD video calling – include friends and family around the world and get together for a chat

  • Working

    Work from home as effectively as you would in the office

  • Online multiplayer gaming

    Faster upload speeds mean budding games players can share the experience by talking and exchanging video with other players

Find out moreTo find out more about how we can work with you to install fibre to the blocks that you manage, contact the team on 01444 235509.