Heat pumps draw energy from ground or air that can then used to heat residents homes. As this energy is renewable they have a positive impact on the environment.

Ground source or air source heat pumps are a type of renewable heating system that are particularly useful for homes that are off the gas grid.

With a heat pump there is no need for gas or electricity to heat your home as the heat is drawn from the ground or air, reducing your energy bills.

Acting like reverse refrigerators, heat pumps require electricity to run but they are very efficient; needing only one unit of electricity per three (or more) units of heat produced for your heating and hot water.

Can provide heating and cooling


Reduced production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases


Savings on fuel bills*


*source Energy Savings Trust

How we will work with you

The scope for heat pumps is there for the majority of flats and apartment buildings in the UK but, as each development is unique, we would work with you to survey the building and provide you with the best solution and project plan.

Portrait Of Surveyor In Hard Hat And High Visibility Jacket With Digital Tablet Carrying Out House InspectionInstallation for ground source heat pumps normally takes 2-3 days while air source pumps can be installed much faster.

The initial stages of the install can be done alongside the introduction of fibre broadband– something to consider if your block requires better broadband and CCTV service.

There are number of government grants and initiatives that we can access to ensure that the installation of a heat pump would have little or no financial impact for the residents, RMC or Freeholder.

Find out moreTo find out more about heat pumps for the blocks that you manage, contact the team on 01444 235509.